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DFL-860 UTM Security Firewall – Ideal Solution for Small Businesses

As an Information Technology manager who is in charge of the availability, the confidentiality, and the integrity of your small business information system – you should build a high performance and secure network infrastructure. To build a secure network infrastructure you should have a strong security protection in the entry point of the internet by implementing the UTM appliance.

UTM ( Unified Threat Management) appliance is a very essential device in protecting your network environment against any types of emerging internet threats which always evolve to get smarter in penetrating your system vulnerabilities which cannot be just blocked by layer-2 and layer-3 devices such as traditional router / firewall. Your system must be able to scan deep up to the application layer.

The other important system you need to have for your small business network infrastructure is the capability of creating the secure tunnels for remote sites or travelling users to your internal network through the internet as if they work locally in the office. With the limitation of the personnel experts in networking and security, you have lots of works to do. But with all-in-one UTM security appliance you can build a secure small business network easily. Consider D-Link NetDefend DFL-860 – a single solution for UTM and VPN firewall appliance.

What this Product Does

DFL-860 UTM Security appliance is an all in one device – a core device for building secure network infrastructure in protecting your small business against any emerging internet threats. The device includes two WAN Ethernet ports for load balance internet connection or failover when the primary connection fails. For your small business, you can subscribe broadband internet plans both cable and DSL for load balance or fail-over. The DFL-860 also includes one DMZ port to allow you setup a security boundary when you require hosting a public resource such as a Web or FTP server.

VPN Supports

The DFL-860 includes integrated Virtual Private Network (VPN) client and server to allow remote sites or traveler users to create secure tunneling to connect to your private network via the internet. With secure tunneling they can access the office network resources such as email, files, or application via the internet as if they were connected locally. The firewall supports the IPSec, PPTP, and L2TP protocols and if you have external RADIUS server, you can use the RADIUS for VPN authentication.

Advanced Security

The D-Link DFL-860 NetDefend UTM firewall security appliance provides a complete security features and allow you manage the bandwidth, the URL filtering, access policies, and network monitoring including email-alerts, system logs, and real-time statistic and the good thing is that you can manage remotely.

Unlike traditional router / firewall, the DFL-860 includes a high-performance threats management to scan the internet packets deep into up to the layer-7 (application layer) including the IPS (intrusion prevention system), gateway antivirus, and up-to-date content filtering services. This will assure a clean network against any types of Internet threats.

To defend your system against the viruses, the DFL-860 uses stream-based virus scanning technology to help you reduce network bottleneck and the virus signature from Kaspersky Labs. To help you filter the Web for clean internet, the device includes the web content-filtering services by implementing multiple global index servers and updated in a real-time.

Unfortunately, those update services to assure your secure network is not free. You have to spend lots of bucks for security trade off. Security is not free, it’s very expensive but it is worth for protecting your valuable information assets.

Alternative Solution

For SOHOs, you can consider Cisco RV 120W. Cisco RV 120W is a Wireless-N VPN Firewall and VLAN Router which is ideal solution for small offices. The router includes the wireless access point to create wireless LAN for your office. For small to medium businesses, you can consider NSA 240 Sonicwall Small Business Network Security. NSA 240 Sonicwall is ideal for your small business and complex environment. It includes 3xGigabit Ethernet ports; 6x 10/100Mbps ports (configurable Ethernet interfaces); 2USB and PC-Card slot (for optional 3G modems).

By Ki Grinsing

Small Business: The First Step in Improving Your Small Business

There is a massive cry from business consultants recommending that small business owners take the time to improve their business to deal with the current market climate. The question is where do you start? I am going to take a broad look at the areas you need to look at when you start the process of improving your business.

There are three things that you need to look at first:

1. What are you doing right in your business?

2. What could you do to make your business better?

3. How does your business compare to others in your industry?

Okay so we know the three things that you need to look for but how do we analyse each of the three areas. Well first of all:

1. What Are You Doing Right In Your Business?

To find out how you think your business is performing, ask your staff for honest feedback, ask your customers for feedback and ask your suppliers for feedback. Each of these groups will be able to tell you how they feel about your business and what you could do to make their experience of working with you better.

For example, your suppliers may say that you never pay on time. If that is the feedback then this tells you that you either need to improve your cashflow or you need to talk to your accounts staff to find out why bills aren’t paid on time.

Another really good way to see how your business is going is to have a look at how long it takes you to move your stock. If your stock moves quickly then this tells you that you are supplying the right products to your customers and they are in demand.

You also need to identify and list the following key small business information:

  • What are you doing in your business that is crucial to your success?
  • What does your business actually do?
  • What do your customers want?
  • What are the most important products and services in your business?
  • Who are your most important customers?
  • What industries are they in?

If you can’t answer these questions, then you will find it very difficult to grow your business.

2. What could you do to make your business better?

The easiest way to review this area is simple, ask yourself these three questions:

1. What is the most crucial issue in your business?

2. What issues in your business cause you the most stress?

3. What issues cost you the most money?

Once you have answered these questions you now have a focus on what needs to be improved. Deal with the issues first.

3. How does your business compare to others in your industry?

Take the time to compare your business with others in your industry. For example there are some key questions you should ask:

  • What are my competitors doing in their business that is crucial to their success?
  • What makes them unique in the market?
  • What does their business actually do?
  • What do their customers want and expect of them?
  • What are the most important products and services in their business?
  • Who are their most important customers?
  • What industries are they in?

Once you can answer each of these questions, you can focus on what you can improve and then develop your strategies for business improvement from there. Whilst this is a very simplistic approach to helping improve your business, keeping it simple is the key to success.

Small Business Information You Need to Know

Are you thinking about starting up a small business sometime in the near future? There are a few things that you will want to know before you open your doors for the customers to come in. If you try to start a business large or small without first having all of the facts about that business you may not be as successful as you hoped you would be. You will want to take the time to make sure that everything is in order before you put your small business plan into effect.

One of the first things that you will want to make sure that you have is a small business license. Every business large or small has to have a license to operate in the county that they are located in. You will have to go to the court house in your county and inquire about purchasing a business license before you can actually call yourself a business. You will have to give them your business name and pay the required fee.

Next, you will want to make sure that you have a small business bank account so that you can keep all of your business finances in order. You do not want to get your business revenue mixed up with the grocery money from your personal account and it can be a big mess to straighten everything out if you go too long without establishing a separate account for your small business. It will also be helpful for you to start building a business relationship with the people at your bank so that you will have an easier time getting approved for loans when you need them.

Another thing that you will want to know about before you start your business is online marketing. By taking the time to sit down and learn some basic information about internet marketing you will be able to reach out to customers from across the world that want to do business with you. These are customers that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to do business with and are ones that will be very valuable to you once you start.

There is several other information that you will want to know about a small business before you start one up. It is not as easy and glamorous as most people try to make it out to be. You will need to do a lot of planning and make sure that you have everything that you need in order to be successful. You can make it if you have everything organized before you open your doors.